Three Vermont Men Arrested in Underage Prostitution Sting

June 10, 2015 by David S. Seltzer

A joint task force involving law enforcement agents from the South Burlington Police Department, the Vermont Internet Crime Against Children Task Force, the Colchester Police Department, the Vermont Attorney General's Office, and the Vermont State Police took three men into custody for soliciting female officers online and agreeing to have sex with them in exchange for money. The men were 20, 29, and 30 years of age.

They remain in jail pending arraignment on bonds ranging $5,000 to $7,500.

The sting took place during a single five hour period. According to law enforcement agents, the officers clearly stated that they were 14-year-old girls. However, a statement released to the press revealed that some of the men had also expressed a desire to pay for sex with women who were over the age of 18.

In cases like these, it becomes very hard to know how much coercion law enforcement agents placed on the alleged perpetrators. There have been instances where police represented themselves as older women, only to bring up in the course of further conversation that an underage girl would be available for sex as well. Thinking that they would avoid the underage girl, but unwilling to jeopardize the meeting by offending anyone, men with no intention of breaking the law have fallen victim to bait and switch tactics like these and faced serious legal repercussions. 

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