Teacher Arrested by FBI on Child Pornography Charges

March 30, 2015 by David S. Seltzer

The FBI arrested an award-winning Bronx teacher for allegedly using apps like KIK and Instagram to post explicit photos of underage boys as young as 12. The teacher, Jon Cruz, paid the boys in gift card to take nude selfies as well as photos of their feet and faces. He was taken into custody on several charges of producing, receiving, and distributing child pornography.

Cruz caught the attention of federal prosecutors when the parents of one of the boys discovered gift receipts in the boy's email account. They found that Cruz used several IP addresses to access his KIK accounts, one of them linked to the New York City school system.

According to officials, Cruz posed as a teenage boy, using the photo of a former student and claiming that he was "a nerd who had a thing for jocks." He paid not just for nude photos but also for pictures of the boys' rooms and "thumbs up" portraits.
Cruz served on the Bronx Science Speech & Debate Team for a decade, a position for which he received a number of awards and national acclaim. He is currently being held on $1 million bail.

This case is disturbing for several reasons. While the alleged victims were clearly manipulated and exploited, transcripts uncovered by the FBI depict a man who may be mentally ill. The Cruz case highlights the fact that the system needs better psychological treatment options for offenders, not just stricter laws and more zealous prosecution.
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