In 2 International Child Pornography Cases, German Politician Gets Slap on the Wrist, While Killer Gets 10 Years in Prison

March 11, 2015 by David S. Seltzer

Downloading, viewing, and creating child pornography creates scandal throughout the world. Most countries have laws against child pornography, but sentencing structures vary. Two recent cases in the international media involve a Dutch engineer and a German politician.

In Germany, former politician Sebastian Edathy recently confessed to downloading child pornography on his laptop at work and in book and CD form. Investigators found Edathy’s connection to child pornography while investigating a Canadian company accused of distribution. The German politician’s name appeared in their client records.

Edathy owes the court $5,600 for his crime. More importantly, the incident spurred change in German laws regarding child pornography. Now, no one can create child pornography for the purpose of dissemination in that country. The changes also include an extension to the statute of limitations for many sex crimes.

Meanwhile, Dutch engineer Vincent Tabak killed his neighbor, Joanna Yeates, in 2010. His sentence for the sexually motivated crime includes a 20-year prison term. Recently, a new case regarding his possession of 145 pieces of child pornography concluded. England classifies child pornography in 3 different levels, with category A as the most serious. Tabak’s collection had 6 category A pieces. The majority, however, ranked in category C – the least serious.

Tabak faces 10 years for his child pornography crimes, served concurrently with his murder sentence. His name will remain on a sexual offense registry for 10 years, and he can no longer work with children. Prosecutors aggressively pursued the charges to protect the public in the future.

When facing cybercrimes like child pornography, you may feel like you’ve reached the end of the road. The media often tells the stories of successfully prosecuted cases like these two international claims. They rarely champion those who successfully fight wrongful accusations. Cybercrime cases feature complexities that defense attorneys who constantly monitor changing laws understand. Don’t lose hope if you face an investigation into cybercrimes. Defense attorneys investigate the whole story, which often includes exonerating information.

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