Crackdowns on Internet Pornography Leave the Wrongly Accused with Worries about the Future

March 2, 2015 by David S. Seltzer

Viewing pornography online does not constitute criminal behavior. However, when activities break terms of service and use, violate another’s privacy, or portray minors in a sexual context, online activity can become a cybercrime.

According to 2015 studies by Covenant Eyes, pornography accounts for 1 in 5 mobile searches. 1 out of every 8 online searches include pornographic material. These statistics suggest that an astonishing number of people who use the internet face the possibility that they could one day stand accused of pornographic cybercrimes.

Recently, Google and Reddit announced changes to the pornography rules on their sites. Google reversed its original decision to ban the sharing of pornographic material on its Blogger site. Instead, it plans to work on enforcing current policies. Reddit, meanwhile, instituted changes that will go into effect on March 10th and focus on preventing the sharing of pornographic material that has not been approved by the subject. Reddit has encountered a widespread problem with “revenge porn.” Revenge porn is pornographic content created for private use, and then disseminated by one party with the intent to cause pain.

The media reports of crackdowns on internet pornography every day, and wrongful accusations are common. Let’s say that you’ve been accused of a cybercrime that includes sexually explicit behavior. You may find yourself staring into the abyss of consequences with no viable recourse.

Wrongful accusations can destroy a person’s credibility and trustworthiness overnight. You may experience feelings of isolation and despair. Occasionally, people face allegations because of accidents. You may not know the difference between legally and illegally distributed content.

To protect yourself, avoid viewing content that portrays children, animal, or violent behavior. Illegal postings may also come through non-traditional forums like Blogger and Reddit. Be careful when using non-company sites for viewing, and be aware that laws vary at the state level.

Contact a cybercrime defense attorney if you stumbled across illegal content and got in trouble for doing so. You don’t have to face an intense investigation alone, and clearing your name can help you get your life back.

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