Psychologist, Lisa Damour, on Talking About Pornography with Teenagers

January 28, 2015 by David S. Seltzer

Teens who aren’t taught about the ramifications of viewing certain kinds of pornography can get themselves in serious trouble that even an experienced Florida sex crime defense attorney can’t easily untangle. As a parent, you can take preemptive action to avert catastrophy. The simple act of talking to your teen can prevent him or her from committing an actionable online offense.

Psychologist Lisa Damour helps parents manage the complex and often embarrassing task of discussing pornography with their teens. She points that that while pornography fulfills fantasies, the pornographic community can be exploitative and dark.

Pornography has been at the center of sexual health debates for some time now. Some therapists warn that future generations may have a difficult time reconciling sexuality and emotional connections because of the vicarious nature of pornography. However, since the onset of widespread image and video pornography, teenage pregnancy has plummeted. The number of sexual partners reported by the average teenager has also fallen. Finally, the number of virgins graduating from high school has increased. Is it a cause and effect relationship or merely a correlation?

Every parent must make important decisions to safeguard a child’s wellbeing, including informing him about sexual health, boundaries, and appropriate online behavior.

How can we, as parents, do a better job of discussing pornography with teens?

Talking openly about what content is normal and what is considered too graphic encourages positive decision making and lowers the chance of extreme content exposure. A parent can offer guidance, but should avoid imposing strict measures regarding a teen’s sexuality.

It is not wise to ignore the need for communication because of awkwardness. Admitting the fact that the discussion is awkward for both child and parent may provide common ground for the conversation. Remember that an awkward conversation today could prevent detrimental consequences in the future.

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