Coast to Coast -- in North Carolina and Alaska -- Men Busted on Child Pornography Charges

November 5, 2014 by David S. Seltzer

As voters across the land recently weighed in on issues ranging from choosing Senators to raising the minimum wage to reviewing medical malpractice limits, few if any politicians (and voters) paid much heed to issues like federal cybercrime and solicitation.

These issues are just not on most people’s radars.

But if you have been arrested for such crimes -- or if you know someone who has been -- you obviously are deeply aware that such crimes can be punished with substantial jail time and forced inclusion in sex offender registries.

In separate cases, police arrested two men in Juno, Alaska and North Carolina for pornography crimes over Election Day week. On Tuesday, the Juno Police Department arrested Scott R. Parker, a 40-year-old, on 40 child pornography charges, including 39 counts of possession and one count of distribution. Authorities took him to the Lemon Creek Correctional Center. All 40 charges are felonies.

Meanwhile, that same week, police obtained a search warrant and arrested an Asheboro, North Carolina man, Corey Scott Daniel. The Internet Crimes against Children Task Force allegedly found multiple computers at Daniel’s home, including a file that contained child pornography. They took Daniel to Randolph County Jail and held him under $50,000 bond. He faces a count of second degree sexual exploitation of a child.

The charges against these two men are obviously incredibly serious. They could face decades (or more) of jail time, depending on the state laws they violated and other factors.

If you or somebody you love stands accused of similar crimes, you may be confused and scared about what to do and almost paralyzed by indecision. Failing to act can have negative consequences for your defense. Evidence that could exonerate you, for instance, could be lost or destroyed. Witnesses who might be able to provide helpful testimony may forget what they saw or heard.

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