A More Humane Approach to Handling the Problem of Florida Sex Crime Recidivism

November 24, 2014 by David S. Seltzer

As we discussed in our last blog post, commissioners in the State of Florida have asked the Florida legislature to pass a law that would require all Florida sex criminals, past and present, to wear GPS devices indefinitely, so that law enforcement agencies could track their whereabouts.

The ultimate purpose of this proposal is noble. Who doesn’t want to prevent recidivists from harming children and other vulnerable individuals? However, the proposed legal ideas would not only obviously threaten the civil rights of people, but it could also create major costs for them and for the legal system.

Perhaps it would be better and more productive to have a discussion about the core issue: how can we prevent recidivism? The idea that handing out more penalties -- and more intense penalties -- will somehow prevent the problem of recidivism is probably pretty naive. After all, there are already tremendous disincentives for people to violate Florida cyber crime and sex crime laws, including incredible prison sentences.

As the inimitable Will Rogers once said, if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

The fact is that punishing people with ever more draconian penalties is probably unlikely to move the needle in terms of what we all really want – to reduce recidivism. It makes a lot more sense to deal with the source of the problem – to better understand what exactly drives people to commit sex crimes again and again. With better science, we can formulate better therapies and legal tools to keep our society safe.

For instance, unfortunately, right now, people who commit sex crimes are considered persona non-grata by almost all of society. Many people tend to think of such offenders as innately “bad.” But if we understood what drives people to engage in these kinds of behaviors -- and had more honest conversations about the psychology of these crimes – perhaps we could make better strides.

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