Reddit Cracks Down on Underage Photos

September 10, 2014 by David S. Seltzer

Individuals who face faulty cybercrime charges in Florida may soon have a lot of company, thanks to social media sites like Reddit.

Websites like Reddit have been coming down harder on users who are not in compliance with their posting rules; the implications both for web users and cybercrime defendants could be huge.

Following a recent mass hacking of celebrity smartphones on Reddit -- and the resulting backlash -- the popular forum quickly reacted to reports that some of the individuals pictured on its boards were under 18 when their photos were taken. Although the hackers responsible for these “leaks” had already committed crimes by stealing the photos, they may also now face child pornography dissemination charges.

Seemingly Innocuous Activities Can Get You into Trouble Online

Whether they realize they're committing crimes or not, people who use websites to consume explicit material can be punished with serious jail time, fines and fees, and strict probation terms. Potentially incriminating online behaviors can include:

• Uploading “hacked” photos.
Hackers who obtain and post pornographic photos against their owners’ consent break the law, and prosecutors can hit them with a litany of charges, such as identity theft and wire fraud.

• Downloading images of very young individuals. An increasing number of minors are uploading explicit photos, and it’s not always evident how old they were at the time the photos were taken. When in doubt, do not download dubious photos or videos.

• Sharing pornographic photos or videos or other multimedia content of underage individuals. Again, use good judgment, and avoid passing along these types of files.

In the United States, cybercrimes involving underage individuals represent serious offenses. Under federal law, a conviction of charges of possessing or distributing such images can result in prison time, sex offender registration, and the loss of one’s personal and professional reputation.

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