Former Grand Rapids Pharmacy VP Faces Drug, Child Pornography Charges

September 24, 2014 by David S. Seltzer

Fighting an erroneous Florida cybercrime case can be difficult enough. When additional charges enter the mix, the result is often a longer case and stiffer penalties.

Richard Michael Clarke, a former executive at Kentwood Pharmacy in Grand Rapids, currently faces charges in a complex case of this nature. On September 15, Clarke pled guilty to possessing child pornography. He also faces charges of participating in a “drug-repackaging scheme” that allegedly involved 16 other employees at the pharmacy.

According to court records, Clarke supplied “controlled substances” to a teenager of whom he had been creating explicit pornographic images. The drugs came from surpluses at foster homes and nursing homes, which he allegedly repackaged after those facilities returned them to the pharmacy. Kim Duron Mulder, the pharmacy’s former CEO, also faces charges in the case.

Clarke pled guilty to charges of child pornography possession and conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud. A conviction could result in up to 20 years in prison (10 years for each crime).

How Additional Charges Can Complicate a Cybercrime Case

Under Florida state and federal law, child pornography crimes are among the most severely regarded and punished. A conviction for such offenses alone can result in significant prison time, sex offender registration, and loss of one’s reputation. However, when cybercrime defendants also face charges for other offenses, the ramifications can be profound and scary:

• Longer sentences. Judges consider sentence lengths based on the guidelines for each separate crime. Therefore, a compound conviction often means a compound sentence.

• Larger fines. The more charges a suspect faces, the more fines they are likely to accumulate.

• Longer court cases.
The length of time from initial booking to judgment and sentencing takes longer with more complex cases, often meaning more time in jail and greater suffering for defendants and their families.

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