Returning to “Life As Usual” After Fighting Back Against Florida Child Pornography or Solicitation Charges -- Part 2

June 9, 2014 by David S. Seltzer

As someone who stands falsely accused of a serious crime, like Florida child pornography or solicitation, you are desperate for help and also hungry for answers about what you can do to protect your rights.

In our last post, we discussed why so many defendants in desperate need often resist getting legal assistance (and other help) and how you can overcome that psychological resistance.

Once you have started the legal defense process, you may need to confront other painful realities. For instance, let’s say that your lawyer manages to get you acquitted of charges or allows you to plea to a lesser offense. In other words: you get your freedom back.

That should be considered a huge victory. But then you face huge obstacles in terms of rebooting your career, normalizing your relationships and rebuilding your future.

Let’s focus today on how to reestablish your career. First things first, if your employer won’t let you come back to work, you may not have much recourse. Even if you can return to work in some capacity, brace yourself for a challenging time with coworkers, bosses and even clients. Talk to your attorney about how to discuss your case with colleagues, so that you can provide the needed information about your legal background without having to cite line and verse about what happened to you in court.

You might even want to prepare and memorize a script to recite, whenever someone asks you about your arrest or your history… or perhaps about your time behind bars. This way, you can alleviate discomfort others may have around you and minimize the chances of people talking behind your back.

Alternatively, you might need to retool and/or find a new place to work, where people might be more respectful or at least understanding. Depending on what happened, you may or may not have to disclose your criminal history to any new employer.

In either case, appreciate that your journey might be long, arduous and filled with unpleasant surprises. To that end, try to find support not just at work but also in your personal life. Ask yourself:

• "Who in my life might offer empathy and good guidance?"
• "Can I find support groups in the area to discuss my feelings in a compassionate environment?"
• "Can I find a trustworthy therapist to assist me?"

Be discerning in your relationships. Some people may not have supported you, when you needed their help the most. Consider spending less time with those people and recruiting new and healthier relationships. It can be quite painful to see great relationships destroyed by lies for no reason. But sometimes relationships cannot be salvaged. Sometimes, it takes a long time for the healing process to begin.

No matter what tactics you try, the first step should be to connect with an experienced Florida cybercrime defense lawyer at Seltzer Law, PA. Call us immediately at 1-888-THE-DEFENSE (888-843-3333) to schedule a free and confidential case evaluation with our team.