3 Lessons about Your Florida Pornography Case You Can Learn from the Movie “Don Jon”

May 21, 2014 by David S. Seltzer

Authorities recently arrested you on serious Florida child pornography charges or charges of solicitation. You're scrambling to figure out:

• What you can do to build your defense;
• How you can communicate your needs and concerns to friends and loved ones;
• How you can understand and control the root problem driving you to engage in compulsive, destructive behavior, so that, once you fix your legal problems, you can stay out of trouble.

In this post, we're going to take a look at these challenges through the lens of a recent indie movie, Jason Gordon Levitt’s “Don Jon.”

In the movie, Gordon, who wrote, acted and directed the script, plays a young “player” who struggles with a crippling addiction to internet pornography. His pornography habits tend towards the mainstream, but nevertheless they prove very problematic. For instance, they wreak major havoc on his budding relationship with a beautiful young woman, played by Scarlett Johansson. (Spoiler alert: at some point in the movie, Jon’s pornographic habit devastates the relationship.)

So what can this movie teach you about how to think about your situation?

Lesson No. 1: Compulsive internet pornographic habits are far more common than many people realize.

Not everyone uses pornography as compulsively as Gordon’s character in the movie does. But many people spend a lot of time and money online, using pornography, and these compulsive habits can lead to destruction of relationships, lost productivity, depression and sometimes even financial problems.

Lesson No. 2: You can’t expect other people to understand.

People arrested on Florida cybercrime or pornography charges often yearn for other people to understand that they are not “monsters” -- that they are struggling to control impulses that they don’t truly understand. They would appreciate some modicum of empathy from coworkers, family members and society. But they often don’t get that. This rejection leads them to feel more isolated. Here's the cold reality: many people in society just don’t understand the compulsion to use pornography and won’t even try to understand.

Lesson No. 3: Without help, you might never overcome your obstacles.

Another spoiler alert: when Gordon’s character finally has an epiphany about how to manage his pornography addiction, it doesn’t come from within -- he gets insight from another person who has deep understanding of his issues, and that insight helps him normalize his behavior.

To that end, rather than trying to struggle through your defense by yourself, get in touch with an experienced Florida cybercrime defense lawyer here at Seltzer Law, PA, at 1-888-THE-DEFENSE (888-843-3333) to understand your rights, obligations, and possible avenues to clear your name. Call or email now for a free consultation.