29-Year-Old Arrested for Florida Child Pornography Charges in St. Augustine – Hit with 20 Counts of Possession

May 7, 2014 by David S. Seltzer

Authorities recently arrested Joseph David Richardson on Florida child pornography charges, including 20 counts of possession of child pornography.

According to reports, the man has been linked with other crimes -- he also allegedly exposed himself to an 11-year-old girl in his neighborhood. Cybercrime detectives have been investigating and surveying Richardson for months.

According to ActionNews – a local Florida station – Richardson was convicted of criminal behavior in the past in his home state of Louisiana. In 2002, for instance, authorities arrested him and charged him with indecent behavior with a juvenile.

In January, an 11-year-old who missed the bus got a ride with a man in a silver SUV -- the car matches the description Richardson’s car. The girl alleges that the man committed a lewd act in front of her, before dropping her off in front of on at elementary school. Sgt. Catherine Payne told authorities: “we need help from the public to determine his location and state of mind at that time. Any clear information to help guide us on this investigation, we are looking for… we haven’t determined if this is a child abduction or kidnapping or anything. We need more information: this information could be information that ties him to the incident or clears his name."

In addition, police in Jacksonville Beach say that Richardson was implicated in a separate January 2013 incident, in which he allegedly exposed himself on First Street while riding a bike. At the time, there was not enough evidence to charge him, and his case was dismissed.

It’s easy to assume from the news report that Richardson is guilty and that he should be locked up. However, it’s vitally important to let due process play itself out.

Stories about cybercrimes and lewd conduct affect us vividly, so people often make snap judgments about who should be to blame and what the punishment should be. However, if you end up having to defend against such charges, you may struggle mightily against this inertia and prejudgment. It's hard not only to get a fair hearing in the media but also to get fair treatment even among friends, relatives and associates.

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