Two Devastating Child Pornography Cases – One Arrest, One Sentencing

April 23, 2014 by David S. Seltzer

If you've been arrested for a child pornography possession or solicitation in Florida, you know how seriously law enforcement is taking your situation.

It’s useful to understand how the legal process works -- i.e. what happens to people arrested for similar crimes, what defenses tend to work and tend to fail, and what sentences typically are.

To that end, let's examine two relevant pieces of breaking news:

Item #1: FBI on the Hunt for Man in Child Pornography Tape

The FBI is searching for a man who allegedly engaged in sexually explicit activities with a boy on a video. The FBI found the video in November 2012, after the agency conducted a raid at the home of a suspected pornographer in San Francisco. Although authorities arrested and prosecuted the original suspect, they found a video showing another man in the act of engaging in sexual relations with a minor.

FBI Special Agent, Karen Jurden, said “suspects who show their faces in child pornography are not typical … it is our hope that someone will recognize this individual and come forward. We were able to recover a very clear image of John Doe 28.”

The FBI believes "John Doe 28" was a U.S. citizen because of how he pronounced the word “careful” in the video. At the time of the shoot, he was in his late 30s or 40s. He was a balding Caucasian man with glasses. The FBI is making a full court press to find the suspect.

Man Convicted of Pornography Charges Sentenced to Nearly 6 Decades Behind Bars

Meanwhile, at the other hand of the “lifecycle” of the typical child pornography case… a man out in Boone County just received a 56.5 year jail sentence, after he was convicted of multiple counts of producing child pornography. Prosecutors charged 37-year-old Daniel Alan Jines with 15 counts of producing child pornography, as well as counts of receiving and possessing it.

Per case documents, Jines: “persuaded, induced and coerced [a girl] to engage in sexually explicit activity, which Jines then recorded.” The girl was only 10-years-old, when Jines' productions began, and he forced her to participate until she was 13. Astonishingly, some of his alleged child pornography featured infants and toddlers.

Gary Hartwig, a special agent for Homeland Security Investigations, said: “Daniel Jines inflicted permanent psychological, physical, and emotional scars on his young victim and deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison where he can never hurt another child.”

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