The Odd World of Cybercrime Blogger, Brian Krebs (and Implications of His Work for Your Defense)

February 26, 2014 by David S. Seltzer

Cybercrime affects everyone who uses the Internet in our interconnected world. Blogger Brian Krebs has been striving to increase public awareness about internet crimes. What can his efforts teach us about security in the online world… and about how to defend against hacking, fraud or other cybercrime charges?

Brian Krebs and "Krebs on Security"

Brian Krebs writes the blog “Krebs on Security,” which covers stories about criminals who steal information, create malicious software, and circulate spam. He became interested in the topic after falling prey to numerous instances of computer viruses and identity theft. Originally trained as a journalist, Krebs has since become one of America’s leading experts on online threats, and authorities regularly turn to him for guidance and advice.

Cybercrime against Target

One of Mr. Krebs’ biggest achievements was uncovering a cyberscam that placed over one third of Americans’ financial information at risk. Krebs discovered numerous fake purchases at Target, Neiman Marcus, and many other businesses. Uncovering this scam garnered him a lot of attention from America’s security forces. It also drew the ire of cybercriminals, who now regularly harass, threaten, and attempt to make deals with him.

Defending People Accused of Cybercrime

There is no doubt that Mr. Krebs does important work shining light on dangerous, illegal activities. However, entrapment, sting operations, and a criminal justice system that is often bereft of both compassion and common sense can cause awful problems for innocent people. And while we appreciate and respect Mr. Krebs' efforts to make our country safer, we also need more stringent protections for individuals accused of cybercrime.

A lawyer who understands the complex nature of computer crime charges can be an innocent person’s best defense against unfair prosecution and incarceration.

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