23 Arrested in Volusia County for Attempting to Seduce Minors Through the Internet

October 19, 2012 by David S. Seltzer

A sting operation in Volusia County, in central Florida, has resulted in 23 arrests of defendants accused of attempting to entice minors online. As a criminal defense attorney, I was interested to see an article in the Daytona Times outlining how authorities conducted the operation. According to the article, Operation Volusia Broad Band involved undercover law enforcement officers posing as minors under 14, or their guardians, in online chat rooms. The officers waited for the discussion to turn to sex with the fictional minors, then set up meetings at a “decoy house” in Ormond Beach. The house was wired with cameras and audio recorders to capture evidence that the defendants had traveled there for sex with minors.

The article says defendants were charged with using a computer to seduce a minor or to solicit a parent or guardian for sex with a minor; traveling to meet a minor for sex; and unlawful use of a two-way device. All three charges are felonies, meaning the 23 defendants face substantial amounts of time in Florida state prisons. Anyone facing these kinds of charges needs the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney right away, to minimize the serious effects of a criminal conviction on their lives, their finances and their families.

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