Surprise Turn in the Case of Sanzaro v. United States: 79-Year Old Suspect Surrenders After Hiding Out for Nearly Two Decades

September 3, 2012 by David S. Seltzer

It’s a Florida criminal case like something out of the Godfather – a 79-year-old suspected organized crime boss finally surrenders to police after nearly two decades on the run.

Paul Sanzaro met up with federal agents back in February 1995. At that meeting, the Feds told him that his safety was in jeopardy, because he played a role in a "crime drug ring gone wrong" that had operated in South Florida between July 1994 and January 1996. He and his associates were charged with importing massive amounts of heroin and cocaine and doling out those drugs to dealers. Sanzaro’s co-defendants pled guilty and walked away with big jail sentences. But Sanzaro himself abandoned his family and went on the lam, after he learned that there was a contract on his life.

A Strange Twist in This Florida Crime Story

After years of running, in May 2011, out of nowhere, Paul Sanzaro showed up at the offices of a well-known organized crime attorney, Murray Richman. He reportedly told the lawyer “life on the run is no life at all. I can’t do this anymore.” Sanzaro said, “I’ve got a family I want to see again, I’m sick, I have no money, I look like a bum – I want to have some a semblance of normality again.” Given all the federal charges against Sanzaro, he could face life imprisonment along with a whopping $4 million in fines.

As far as what will happen now to Sanzaro… who knows? From reports, it sounds like he has led a difficult life, to say the least.

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