Florida Cybercrime News Update: NYC Invests $4.2 Million in Anti-Cybercrime Infrastructure: What Are the Implications for the Sunshine State?

September 5, 2012 by David S. Seltzer

Cybercrime in Florida and beyond is becoming a booming business, as both law enforcement and criminal operators develop and discover technologies and innovate new systems.

Manhattan’s District Attorney recently announced that the City of New York will be spending an additional $4.2 million to battle computer crime. District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. and Christine Quinn, a City Council Speaker, both are recent victims of identity theft, so there must be a personal element to their quest, as well. The influx of cash is not designed to help the DA’s office hire new people as much as it is earmarked to invest in powerful new technologies to help investigators trace and analyze cell phone calls and neutralize cybercrime activities.

Does This Upgrade Augur a “Sea Change” in How Cybercrime Will Be Fought in Florida and Elsewhere?

If you’ve been come under investigation for phishing, identity theft, fraud, or another cyber crime in Florida, you may be wondering if/how these prosecutors’ new tools and toys will impact your defense and chances for freedom and clemency.

The reality is that cybercrime is a new frontier – both for criminals and for law enforcement. As new technologies emerge, new types of crimes become possible and new types of “crime fighting activities” also become possible. To what extent can these new crimes be prosecuted? To what extent are these new crime-fighting activities effective, legal…or even Constitutional?

Many of these questions remain up in the air.

The moral is that, as a Florida cybercriminal defendant, you’re caught up in an exotic, new, confusing environment. This can be a positive development, in that, if you prepare an effective strategy and work with a respected, experienced Florida cybercrime defense team, like the team here at Seltzer Law, PA, you might be able to reduce or even eliminate your charges.

On the other hand, the new, chaotic environment presents challenges. For instance, prosecutors may have leveraged surprising new methods to compile evidence against you or your associates that they can use to blindside you in court. They may also be able to show that you’ve broken more laws than you had realized.

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