South Florida "Felony Lane" Gangs Have Expanded Across the Nation, Say Authorities

August 27, 2012 by David S. Seltzer

South Florida “felony lane” gangs have notoriously terrorized victims in Sunshine State for years by using so-called “smash and grab” tactics to steal checks, credit cards, and driver’s licenses. They then use this “stuff” to rob victims in myriad ways.

According to authorities, these thieves are called “felony lane” operators because, when they rob victims of ATM cards, they typically use the outside lane (a.k.a. the “felony lane”) at drive in banks to avoid security camera detection. Investigators believe that many of the criminals have been coming from the Lauderhill and Ft. Lauderdale area, but their smash-and-grab crime spree has now extended well beyond Florida to places as far as away as Wisconsin.

The felony lane criminals are not a gang, per se – they’re just leveraging an organized, tested set of criminal tactics. Authorities believe that many of the robbers are lifetime thieves who use sophisticated methods to avoid detection – such as hiring prostitutes and homeless people to pose for fake driver’s license pictures, so that they can take out credit cards in the names of victims.

The criminals may be diversifying, geographically, to avoid major sentences.

If you're busted and convicted for one minor burglary out of state, you might not face the same draconian charges that you would if you were caught, charged and convicted here in Florida. As one article documented, getting convicted for crimes like burglary in South Florida can lead to massive punishments. For instance, Samuel Jones, a 31-year-old recently convicted of identity theft, got sentenced to 12 years in incarceration… and he still has additional cases pending!

If you’ve been arrested and recently charged…

Perhaps you had a relatively sophisticated scheme running with some trusted associates, or maybe you accidently got dragged into something that escalated quickly beyond your control or understanding. In either case, you need to apply disciplined thought and perspective to your defense strategy to maximize results.

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