Jim Greer Versus The Republican Party of Florida and John Thrasher: A Florida Criminal Case That Has the Whole State (Indeed, the Whole Nation) Watching

August 15, 2012 by David S. Seltzer

As the clock ticks down to the Presidential election in November – which will no doubt pivot on the choices of swing state voters in the Sunshine State – a divisive Florida criminal case has sparked intense interest among politicos. The case concerns former GOP State Party Chairman, Jim Greer, who got hit with criminal charges back in 2010. Prosecutors alleged that he worked out a secret fundraising contract -- a contract that his fellow state Republicans had no knowledge of. Greer lashed back at his party, accusing the FL GOP of being in state of "turmoil" and alleging that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's investigation had been orchestrated by rival GOP officials.

Greer’s most inflammatory remarks had to do with his allegation that state party leaders suppressed black votes. He also said that “there was a feeling within the [GOP] that the Tea Party [which has had profound influence over the GOP recently] was just a bunch of whack-a-dos.” John Thrasher, who took over as GOP chairman after Greer resigned, lashed back, calling Greer's accusations “absurd, absolutely absurd” and suggesting that Greer made them only “in an effort to divert attention from himself”.

In response to his own Florida criminal charges -- and battle with the state’s GOP muckety mucks -- Greer filed a lawsuit against his party and Senator John Thrasher. He wants $130,000 that he said he was told he would be able to collect after he resigned.

Lessons from This Big Political Mess, If You or a Loved One Faces Florida Criminal Charges

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The infighting among Greer, Thrasher, and other big political honchos effectively illustrates the challenges that almost all defendants face, irrespective of their stature, connections, or understanding of the law.

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