Absolutely Horrific Florida Cyber Crime Allegations – International Network of Men Accused of Raping 19-Day Old, among Other Unspeakable Acts

August 29, 2012 by David S. Seltzer

If you’ve been arrested for a cyber crime in Florida or some other crime, like vandalism or burglary, you may recognize that you’ve committed bad and potentially horrific actions.

But odds are that what you did pales in comparison to the allegations against 43 men in Florida and around the world who've been netted in international operation, code named Holitna. These men stand accused of passing around very explicit and deranged child pornography – including pictures of dead children – and also of committing practically unspeakable acts of barbarism, such as the rape of a 19 day-old baby. (That’s right – "day")

Investigators managed to connect the dots on the horror show by tracking down a stuffed bunny that had been seen in the picture of one of the kids photographed being abused. Like a Ruth Goldberg trap unfurling, investigators leveraged this clue to “work backwards” and unravel the international child pornography network. Normally, this blog likes to recount aspects of cases or arrests to flush out the story. But the allegations against these men are actually so disturbing that it’s unstomachable to talk about them in detail.

What you might learn if you’ve recently been arrested for a crime in Florida…

Not all criminal defendants are equal – not by long shot.

Even if you did something wrong – violated the rule of law or at least moral or ethical code – the law still affords you a panolpy of rights; and you can also use your arrest (and possible conviction) as a wake-up call or even as a guide to help you improve your life, make reparations or amends, and generally become a better human being.

Unfortunately, many people around you – even those who are close to you – may not understand what you’ve been going through and may rush to judgment. This can be particularly painful if you are innocent of the charges or if the charges are trumped up or overinflated and don’t paint the full picture.

What’s past is past.

You need to figure out how to effectively, compassionately, and methodically deal not only with the charges against you but also with all the other “stuff” that the arrest and threat of jail have surfaced for you. The team here at Seltzer Law, PA, can get you on the right track. Call us any time of day or night for a free consultation at 1-888-843-3333 (1-888-THE-DEFENSE).