Excruciating Florida Criminal Case: A Man Hits and Nearly Kills His Girlfriend’s Son

July 23, 2012 by David S. Seltzer

20-year-old Joshua Carter is behind bars – being held on $500,000 bond – per Florida criminal charges that he hit and nearly killed his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son. Carter faces charges of upgraded child abuse with great bodily harm and neglect of a child. According to a statement from Florida’s Assistant State Attorney, Gary Beatty, “the baby…is in surgery and may not survive…this may very well be a first degree murder case.” The 3-year-old’s mother, Breanna Janae Love, also stands accused of a Florida crime – child neglect.

According to the Titusville Police Department, Carter hit the child last Saturday. Love initially pretended that the assault never happened -- or perhaps she got trapped in the haze of denial. In any event, instead of taking the child to get immediate medical assistance, Love went out to a club. The child had been continuously throwing up -- he could not keep the food down.

Eventually, Love took the boy to her mother’s house. Love’s mom immediately called 911 for help. When paramedics arrived, the child was unresponsive but still breathing.

Horrific Florida Crime: Who Would Hit a 3-Year-Old?

If you stand accused of a crime like assault, burglary, robbery, or possession of drugs or weapons, you are probably pretty scared about what prosecutors might have in store for you. But you are also not without your own moral code. Even if you committed criminal acts – and even if you harmed someone, in so doing – you probably find the idea that a grown man would hit a 3-year-old child abhorrent. Or at least hopefully you do!

The problem for many defendants is that it can be very challenging to get a sympathetic response, even from friends and family members who might otherwise be supportive. When you feel alone and isolated – perhaps more than a little self-hating – you might fail to take actions that you know you need to take to protect your freedom and ensure fair treatment.

Moreover -- and more complicatingly, from a legal point of view -- you might defer talking to a lawyer (such as a member of the team here at Seltzer Law, PA) out of fear of being punished or even out of a subconscious desire to postpone facing reality.

When you defer getting good legal help, you can lose valuable time preparing your case as well as valuable evidence that could help to create or bolster your defense. Moreover, if you flee from police or resist arrest – or do other “dumb things” after your initial alleged crime – you can massively complicate your already likely complicated defense situation.

Your best bet is to find a reputable, compassionate, experienced law firm ASAP and strategize. The team at Seltzer Law, PA, can discuss your Florida crime in full confidence, at any hour of the day or night: Call us at 1-888-THE-DEFENSE (1-888-843-3333).