Homicide Conviction in Texting Case: What 18-Year Old's Sentence Means for Florida Criminal Defendants

June 13, 2012 by David S. Seltzer

Last Wednesday, 18-year old Aaron Deveau was convicted of homicide in Massachusetts in a landmark case that could have implications for Southern Florida criminal defendants.

According to reports, the young driver crossed the yellow line of a northern Massachusetts road and hit a car driven by 59-year-old Luz Roman, severely hurting her and fatally injuring her boyfriend, 55-year-old Donald Bowley. After the accident, Deveau allegedly erased his text messages and lied to police. A detective who investigating the accodent told the court that Bowley and his girlfriend had been “almost folded into the floor boards” by the force of the impact of the collision.

In addition to facing a year behind bars -- per the vehicular homicide and texting and causing injury charges -- Deveau also must contend with a driver's license suspension of 15-years.

Can we learn any lessons from what happened to Deveau?

The aftermath of many crimes -- in South Florida and beyond -- is often highly heartbreakingly tragic. Consider Deveau’s case. Jonathan Blodgett, the District Attorney for Essex County in MA, summarized the tragedy bluntly: “A beloved grandfather is dead. A once active woman can no longer work and is still wracked with pain from her injuries and a young man is going to jail.”

Not a great outcome for anyone.

The question for someone like Deveau -- and possibly for you, if you or someone you care about has been accused of committing a crime in South Florida -- is how do we move forward?

How should victims of the crime recover, if that's even possible, and deal with what happened to them? And how should the person or people who committed the crime – or who assisted in its perpetration – deal with their own pain and also make fair reparations to the victim and to society?

These are difficult questions to answer, and every case is different.

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