Online Sexual Predator Sting Lands 30+ In Jail

May 21, 2012 by David S. Seltzer

In an online sexual predator sting that will likely go down in Florida history, 31 suspects have been arrested and are now facing the possible penalties of a sex crime conviction in Sarasota County. A group of undercover detectives in the county posed as minors on an online sex site, dutifully fulfilling their mission as part of Operation Intercept, a sting mission designed to catch and apprehend sex crime offenders in the state of Florida.

As the first of its kind, the Sarasota County sting operation included police officers from Venice, Manatee, North Port, and of course, Sarasota. State prosecutors were also said to be involved in the mission, as well as Homeland Security and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, all of which actively participated in the sting efforts to uncover those believed to be sex offenders in the state.

Officers that participated in the sting have stated that their behaviors included posing as young girls and boys – sometimes even the parents of minors, offering up their children for sexual acts – in order to unobtrusively converse with the defendants who unknowingly believed they were speaking to the same set of minors with whom they normally engaged. However, this was far from the case, and now suspects aged 22 to 62 are facing serious criminal charges that could cost them their future livelihoods.

As of now, officers are indicating that more arrests are still possible as some suspects never actually showed up to the scene of the crime as they were expected to. Already, the local sheriff’s office has initiated the forfeiture process of ceasing the vehicles of the suspects under question, and this is only the first of a whole host of other consequences that will likely be incurred by those convicted of charges for sex with a minor.

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