Authorities Announce Bust of International Child Pornography Ring

August 3, 2011 by David S. Seltzer

The federal Department of Justice announced today that it has made 52 arrests of people it says were involved in an international ring of child pornography traders. In all, 72 people are charged, but 20 are known only by their online identities and have not yet been located. All were allegedly involved in a closed online community called "Dreamboard," which was a members-only bulletin board that required members to upload child pornography to join and to gain privileges. Fifteen of the 52 arrested are accused of making their own child pornography. The Orlando Sentinel's Aug. 3 story did not name newly arrested people, but noted that the operation had already arrested 32-year-old Michael Biggs of Orlando, who pleaded guilty and is now serving 20 years in prison.

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