Defense Attorney David Seltzer Appears on Geraldo to Discuss Casey Anthony Verdict

July 12, 2011 by David S. Seltzer

During Casey Anthony's murder trial, I was asked to appear on Geraldo to discuss the charges and the progress of the trial from my perspective as a Florida criminal defense lawyer. After the verdict, I had the honor of appearing again on the show to discuss the understandably emotional reaction to Anthony's acquittal. In the first part of my appearance, I repeated what I wrote last week and have told several media outlets: the jury acquitted Anthony because the prosecution did not have the evidence to prove capital murder beyond a reasonable doubt. Geraldo later asked my opinion about the science behind the bad smell in the car, and I told him truthfully that a bad smell is a subjective measure open to a lot of interpretation, unlike something like a DNA match.

Finally, Geraldo asked what I think of the "Caylee's Law" proposals now heading for state legislatures. I believe some of these laws will inevitably pass, but I also believe they're unnecessary. Casey Anthony, and perhaps others who would be charged under this law, could have been charged for child endangerment or child abuse. In fact, I believe Anthony could have been convicted and sentenced to more time in prison under this kind of charge. But because the prosecutors went straight for capital murder, a charge they couldn't support with adequate evidence, Anthony is free as of this week.

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