Two More TV Appearances by Cyber Crime Attorney David Seltzer

April 21, 2011 by David S. Seltzer

I'm pleased to announce that on April 16, I was asked to appear on the morning talk show Fox and Friends to give my opinion as a cyber crime criminal defense attorney. The show produced a segment on a small controversy that erupted after the mother of a six-year-old girl videotaped the TSA patting the child down at an airport. Some people feel that it was inappropriate because of the girl's age, which they thought made it less likely that she would be carrying a weapon, as well as the pat-down's resemblance to child molestation. On the show, I argued that TSA procedures have to apply to everyone, since exempting some groups could raise the risk that terrorists would then use those groups to get weapons on airplanes. I also raised Fourth Amendment objections to alternative search procedures proposed by the other guest.

My other recent appearance was a repeat appearance on RT America's "The Big Picture" with host Thom Hartmann. This show was about the Obama administration's recent call for private industry to create a secure online ID system that would allow online consumers to use the same identification across multiple websites. The administration hopes to eliminate the need for multiple IDs and passwords as well as reduce identity theft, but Hartmann questioned whether it could actually compromise security. I told him I thought it had potential, but could create a large risk of loss and identity theft -- because when the accounts are compromised, every piece of information connected to them could be lost or stolen. These are issues that could eventually affect my practice as a cyber crime criminal defense lawyer.

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