Cyber Crime Attorney David Seltzer on RT's The Big Picture

March 22, 2011 by David S. Seltzer

I'm pleased to say that another television station asked me to contribute my opinion as an experienced cyber crime lawyer to a news report. The Big Picture, an English-language talk show on Russian television network RT America, had me on to discuss a proposed Oregon state law. This law, which has passed the Oregon state House, would require computer technicians to report images they believe are child pornography when they encounter them at work. I told host Thom Hartmann about my concerns that the law would overreach the Fourth Amendment by requiring technicians to perform a search and seizure of people who law enforcement would not otherwise have any reason to search. I also told him I believe it's dangerous to effectively deputize non-experts to decide what is and is not child pornography. You can see the entire segment here: