Suspect Admits to Drinking and Driving on Suspended License in Fatal Hit-and-Run

January 5, 2011 by David S. Seltzer

An arrest in a high-profile fatal car wreck caught my eye as a Miami-Dade drunk driving criminal defense attorney. According to the Miami Herald, police have arrested Cedric Williams, 48, on suspicion of causing a crash that killed three people and seriously injured a fourth. Williams is accused of running a red light just before 4 a.m. on Jan. 2, smashing his van into a Honda Civic and leaving the scene. The crash killed Robbie Wissler, 25, Lindsey Ellen Ennis, 20, and Kayla Elizabeth Bain, 19; and sent Robert Judd, 69, to the hospital with serious injuries. Wissler was a recent transplant to Florida, entertaining visitors Ennis and Bain and family friend Judd.

Williams has a long arrest record and has been to prison ten times, most recently on charges of selling cocaine. Police say they got a call shortly before the crash about a man matching Williams’ description driving erratically. After the crash, Williams reportedly left the scene on foot despite minor injuries and paid a passing driver $20 for a ride. Miami police officers arrested him after a standoff at his home. Once in custody, he admitted to the police that he had been drinking, ran a red light and left the scene because his license was suspended. He waived his right to an attorney and reportedly cried as he described the accident. Currently, the charges against him include four counts of leaving the scene of an accident with death or serious injury and one count of driving with a suspended and expired license.

Anyone in the position Williams is now in would need a south Florida DUI criminal defense lawyer. But from the description in this article, I believe Williams needs help very quickly. When you are accused of a very serious crime like this one, the best thing you can do in your own defense is keep quiet until you can get advice and representation from an experienced attorney. By telling police his story, Williams is giving them information they may not get on their own and undermining any defense he may need to put together later. Waiving his right to an attorney guarantees that he won’t be able to get that help soon. Even in situations where the client genuinely feels remorse -- as this article suggests William does -- and wants to plead guilty, an experienced Fort Lauderdale intoxicated driving criminal defense attorney can still help negotiate fair and lenient penalties.

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