Univision Star Adonis Losada Still in Palm Beach County Jail After Nearly a Year

August 30, 2010 by David S. Seltzer

As a Miami-Dade cyber crime criminal defense attorney, I wrote last year about the arrest of Adonis Losada, an actor on the popular Spanish-language program Sabado Gigante, where he plays grandmother Doña Concha. Losada is accused of possessing and distributing child pornography, to a stranger online who turned out to be a Boynton Beach police detective. The Palm Beach Post published a story on Losada Aug. 30, saying the actor is upset that he has been incarcerated for nearly a year in Palm Beach County rather than in Miami-Dade. He says he cannot afford the $3 million bail the court is requesting, the article said, and complains that he cannot communicate with his English-speaking public defender.

Losada was first arrested at his South Beach home for possession of child pornography. The arrest report from that incident says he told the police he has a problem. He was released on bail after that arrest, but took the opportunity to flee to Georgia, a violation of the conditions of his release. When he was arrested in Georgia, Florida authorities brought him back to Palm Beach County rather than Miami-Dade. Though Losada had never been to Palm Beach County, authorities there were charging him with distributing child pornography as well, and the distribution charge originated in Palm Beach County because the officer who received the transmissions was in Boynton Beach.

Losada claimed in the article that he should be held in Miami, where the possession charge comes from and where he already has a private criminal defense attorney. That attorney is not working on the distribution charge in Palm Beach County, although he said he would try to move the distribution trial to Miami. Losada claims he cannot communicate with his public defender because he does not speak English well. He also says he was tricked into waiving his right to a speedy trial, kept in isolation and is being held with forged documents.

I would like to start by reminding readers and clients that Losada is partly responsible for his own predicament. Losada’s bail is very high because he is considered a flight risk, thanks to his trip to Georgia. Without this on his record, he may well have been granted a low enough bail that he would have been able to go home while awaiting trial. As a West Palm Beach cyber crime criminal defense lawyer, I do not recommend fleeing charges.

In my experience, it is relatively unusual to split criminal charges stemming from the same set of incidents in this manner. Losada allegedly possessed and transmitted the images from the same place -- his home -- and most people accused of transmitting child pornography are at least initially arrested in their home jurisdictions. As a Fort Lauderdale cyber crime criminal defense attorney, I suspect Losada’s fame among Miami’s large Spanish-speaking population could be part of why he is being kept in Palm Beach County. If prosecutors believe they may not get a fair trial due to the defendant's celebrity status, they have every right to make their case -- but they should make it in court, with a motion for a change of venue, rather than cooping Losada up for more than a year without a hearing.

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