UBS to Reveal 4,450 Names to IRS

August 21, 2009 by David S. Seltzer

UBS Criminal Defense Attorney's represent individuals being investigated and/or charged with tax evasion. In light of the pending settlement between the United States government and the UBS Swiss Bank, the IRS is receiving 4,450 accounts, which at one time held approximately $18 billion in assets. As a Miami Tax Evasion UBS Criminal Defense Lawyer, this is not the end to this saga. Aside from UBS, the US government is seeking any individuals who may have or currently are hiding assets offshore.

The US government's so-called new voluntary disclosure program is not as new as most believe. For a long time the IRS allowed and continues to allow individuals to resolve tax issues anonymously. If you or anyone you know currently has IRS and/or tax evasion issues and would like a FREE consultation from experienced tax evasion criminal defense attorneys, don't delay call today 24/7 1-866-ARRESTED.