Teen Gets Probation for Sending Text Messages in Florida

July 21, 2009 by David S. Seltzer

Think before your text, that is the message we need to be sending our kids. The Sexting Revolution continues to haunt our kids and there is no end in sight. I guess this what we get for giving our kids camera phones. Ultimately who is to blame? Are the courts the best way to deal with this problem? There is an ongoing list of questions that can be posed when it comes to this topic, but the end results is usually the same: kidson criminal probation for being kids; which in turn can lead to a criminal record and problems in the future.

As a Fort Lauderdale Cyber Crime and Criminal Defense Lawyer, I see this problem everyday. Cyber crime both those with sexual content and non-sexual content are plaguing society. Cyber stalking is on the rise, and sexting is here to stay. The final question at the end of all this is, will the State (prosecutor) do the right thing or use the minor as a stepping stone?

Recently a teen in Melbourne, Florida received probation for forwarding sexually explicit photos. This was charged as some serious felonies, but plead down for resolution purposes. But again, I have to ask the question, where's the crime, and what does this resolution serve? Minors sending pictures of minors, and then being charged criminally. This is NOT what the legislature had in mind when they drafted this legislation. Until the legislature amends the laws, this will be debated.

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