Tallahassee Child Pornography Criminal Defense Attorney on Operation Orange Tree

June 10, 2009 by David S. Seltzer

As a Duval County Child Pornography Attorney, I found this interesting, law enforcement arrested seventy-seven (77) people on charges of child pornography this week in Tallahassee, Florida. The arrests were part of an ongoing operation dubbed "Operation Orange Tree." The individuals arrested were from all over the place including two (2) men from Lee County, Florida now faced with child pornography charges and a lifetime of penalties and problems. Other counties where individuals were arrested are Polk County, Florida, and Duval County, Florida, all relating to child pornography and children.

As a Lee County Child Pornography Attorney, what does all this mean for the 77 individuals charged? What it does not mean, and what they should not do is perceive their lives to be ruined. At this point, the state/federal authorities have made allegations of charges. No one has been convicted of anything. When dealing with cyber crime cases, it is all about the forensics and the investigation. The method's and manner in which the agencies conduct themselves is of the utmost importance. T's have to be crossed and I's dotted. Police have to be held accountable for their collection of evidence, and the following of protocols, etc.

As a former Miami-Dade Cyber Crime Prosecutor, I am familiar with all the protocols and procedures that are necessary in a proper arrest and forensic review. I have years of experience in Cyber Crime and child pornography cases both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. As a Polk County Child Pornography Lawyer, make sure that if you are facing serious child pornography or solicitation charges, your attorney has the necessary experience and can understand and interpret the evidence. Call today for a FREE consultation 24/7 365 contact us 866-685-3421.