Miami, Florida Criminal Cyber Crime Lawyer, Client Testimonial

August 27, 2008 by David S. Seltzer

Our family, who had never, ever been touched by any type of legal situation before, found ourselves in a desperate situation. My husband was arrested for a cyber crime - online solicitation, and we were thrust in the middle of a confusing, frightening, unfamiliar world. I immediately began checking on attorneys. I knew we had to move and move fast. I wanted the very best Florida criminal lawyer there was. I also wanted one familiar with cyber crime. Over and over again the name of David Seltzer, Miami Criminal Computer Crime Lawyer kept coming up. I was told if I wanted the best- he was it. I knew with situations like this you didn’t play around. My husband’s very life depended on quality representation. I contacted Mr. Seltzer, Miami Criminal Cyber Crime Attorney, and he immediately took control of the situation. They arrested my husband in our home state of Kentucky and took him to Florida. Mr. Seltzer’s people met my husband at the jail and got him released. They rented a motel room where he could wait until he was allowed to return to KY. He never had to spend one night in jail in Florida. I was home here in Kentucky and I was panicking, I didn’t know what to expect or what to do. I think Mr. Seltzer, Miami Criminal Computer Lawyer, called me at least 10 times a day during that first week. He gave me his personal cell phone number and gave me permission to use it anytime I needed it. When he says he is available 24/7 – he means it! He definitely went the extra mile to walk us through the court system step by step. Although this crime had the potential of 15 years in jail and a minimum of 21 months, my husband did not have to serve any jail time at all. We cannot convey how important it is to have a good attorney in cases like this. Everyone was right when they told me Mr. Seltzer was the very best criminal attorney in Florida. He is not only knowledgeable about cyber crimes, and computer and internet crimes, he was previously a prosecuting attorney who dealt with cyber crimes in Miami. Mr. Seltzer, Miami Criminal Attorney is very assertive and he is on top of every aspect of your legal defense. Nothing gets by him. If you are facing legal problems, I urge you to contact him immediately. Mr. Seltzer, Miami Criminal Lawyer did an outstanding job for us and we give him our highest recommendation.