Voice Over IP Hacker Arrested in Miami, a new Cyber Crime

February 16, 2008 by David S. Seltzer

So you again thought you were safe. What people have to realize is that the cost of doing business has gone up in today's world, mainly due to stories like this one. Companies spend millions of dollars a year to protect their infrastructure as well as their clients valuable personal information, only to discover that everything they thought they were doing right has been hacked. As technology advances and we as a society get away from the traditional telephone system, cyber space has become the new switchboard. Not only is it cheaper to make a call on the internet, but you often times have more control over various telephone features that most people don't realize exist. I have been a Voice Over IP user for years and what has essentially occured is that I am always connected to my numbers, be it online, through my blackberry, or a simple text message. I guess there is such a thing as being too accessible.

This nationwide FBI investigation has lead to the arrest of multiple suspects in conjunction with a voice over IP scam (VoIP). What the subjects would do is hack VoIP companies and steal online telephone minutes and resell them. Check out the video and see how these hackers bragg about the capabilities of the companies to secure themselves.

I would be curious to see the court records and investigate the forensics to see how they actually tracked these individuals. They seem as though they knew what they were doing and probably took various advanced measures to protect their identity and location. Technology never ceases to amaze me as to what it allows people to do. But remember, computers always tell mutliple stories, you just have to know what your are looking for in interpreting your version.