Localized Cyber Crime in Miami and the Global Effect from an FBI Perspective

February 17, 2008 by David S. Seltzer

FBI discusses the realities of cyber crime and how the "world" can deal with it. Interesting video segment. The agent is very candid about the cost analysis of doing business and that in order for an agency to get involved, it must make financial sense in that there must be a victim that has essentially suffered large damages. Is that fair? Is that the answer that best deals with the cyber crime problem in this world?

Who gets to pick and choose what case gets investigated and what doesn't? Why should one victim be more important that another? The government preaches that their goal is to combat cyber crime, but they admit to letting people off the hook simply because they didn't victimize enough people for enough money.

Cyber crime is here to stay, that is clear. The question is what if anything can the government do to stop it? I submit to you, only time will tell…