Florida DCF Worker and Kiddie Porn…What’s Next?

February 13, 2008 by David S. Seltzer

I know this is probably old Florida news by now, but it just makes you wonder about all the money the government invests into protecting our children and then something like this happens. Agencies are getting more money to fight crimes of this nature, but are they really making any headway? I have the utmost respect for law enforcement – having been a former prosecutor – but where are all the funds going? I know in Miami for example, some of the finest officers in the country, they are undermanned and overworked.

A few months back it was a prosecutor who killed himself after being exposed in an undercover child exploitation sting. Are we creating monsters as a society by continually exposing individuals (voluntarily) to child pornography and solicitation cases? Should there be continual review processes in place to ensure that the people we pay to protect our children are in fact doing so and not “falling off the wagon?”

I have no doubt that our law enforcement personnel are doing their job and it’s only a few bad eggs spoiling the bunch, but there needs to be some oversight to make sure that we weed out the bad apples and make sure we monitor those exposed to these crimes. This DCF arrest doesn’t spell the end to government workers involved in child exploitation scandals, the question is how is the government going to guard against it?

DCF Worker Accused of Using Children to Make Porn