Erased what? Some of the best in the business, right here in Miami, Florida

February 22, 2008 by David S. Seltzer

Let’s give credit where credit is due, Miami boasts some of the best computer forensic experts I have ever seen. What do you think happens when you delete something on your computer? Well before I learned about computers, I like you, thought it was erased and gone forever. But for some people, sadly that is not the case. When you delete a file or an image, and then take the next step to clear the recycling bin, the files are still on your computer. Sometimes for years to come…

There is software out there that you can use to wipe your computer clean in hopes to erase files, but there have been situations where machines have been wiped 5 plus times and files can still be recovered. So what is on your machine that is so secretive…? Once you learn how a file structure works on a computer you might better understand how the files are recovered. But generally, any forensic examiner worth their salt will find what they are looking for or at least remnants of a file. The stars have to align for all properties of a file to be completely erased, or you have to have some proven wiping software.

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