Cyber Crime on the Rise, Shocked?

February 11, 2008 by David S. Seltzer

In today’s day and age you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know how to use a computer. Computers are everywhere and control everything. So is it surprising to hear that according to the US Department of Defense, the volume of cyber crime grew by 54% in the last year. If you think about it, the target area, or the playground as some individuals might call it, as grown virtually in cyber space. Paper is a thing of the past and everything has gone high tech. Banks, credit cards, you name it and it involves a computer.

But the real question is, are the big companies the only ones that have to be concerned? The answer is clear. With a 54% increase in cyber crime, it is a problem that everyone has to take notice of. Small and medium sized enterprises should be more aware, to the individual working online with personal information.

As a defense attorney who specializes in cyber crimes, I get calls all the time from people who have had their personal websites hacked, to their identities stolen. Of course there are remedies and manners of redress that are available, but we as individuals have to be prepared. We have to take the necessary steps to protect ourselves from cyber crime. The governments can only do so much. The local police and government agencies are overworked, under financed, and under manned to deal with the increase in cyber crime. And the crimes that they do focus on are the high priority, high profile crimes, as they should. However, then who is left to look after the little guy?

You. So be mindful of where you enter your personal information. Protect your computers with the appropriate software, and trust no one. Your information is sacred and if you lose it, it will spell trouble for you.